About Us

Who We Are

Established in the year 1997, we embarked our journey as Gulf Lights Trading Company, one of the prominent suppliers of innovative and impressive lighting solutions in UAE.


We started working with medium sized commercial residential, retails stores, private villas and similar projects within a medium scope of lighting, Today we are glad to say that we are handling some of the biggest projects in this field in UAE from well-known Hotels, schools, hospitals etc. Whatever kind of work that requires lighting within the United Arab Emirates there you shall find the fingerprints of Gulf Lights. We are glad to say that today we have reached out to become a highly respected firm in the lighting industry. 


We have partnered with the best manufacturers around the globe which aimed to provide high-Quality products at competitive Prices. Also, we are uniquely placed to guide your lighting project from the spark of an idea to a beautiful reality, providing Services, advice and practical guidance every step of the way.


What We Do


Gulf Lights is a professional Lighting Design and Supply company, we focus on implementing our design on the work that we do. Due to our partnership with well known lighting manufacturers in all scopes of lighting this has gave us a lot of support in taking project as a whole and complying with all our client’s requirements and assuring that we will be a big part in successfully completing the project as per our client’s vision. 



Mission & Vision


Be the lighting company of choice for designers, Contractors and Clients in the process of shaping remarkable visual surroundings.



To become leading partner's in our region for sustainable lighting solutions and designs for the biggest amount of clients we can reach.